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Wellington Plastering Services

We create sleek modern interiors and flawlessly turn the old into the new

New Build Plastering

New Builds

Smooth and free of tool marks, polished and pristine all of our new builds are executed to the highest levels of paint finish; 4 & 5.

Renovation Plastering


A higher level of skill and attention to detail is needed here as the old is never straight forward. With our seamless blends of old plasters to new, you won’t be able to spot the difference!

Skim Coat plastering

Skim Coat

Upgrading and increasing durability we make old or damaged walls look brand new with a nice new smooth finish

Gib Cove Installation

Gib Cove Installation

We’ll enhance any space by installing the perfect GIB coves that reflect your personal style. 

Square Stopping

Square Stopping Ceiling to Wall Junction

Sleek, modern and elegant, our expert workmanship is unmatched in creating square stopped corners with crisp lines. Creating a professional look that can only inspire productivity.

Cornice and fibrous plaster work

Cornice & Fibrous Plaster

It’s in the details! Repairs and cosmetic touch-ups of your cornices along with skilled fibrous plaster work will leave you overjoyed with the timely classic appearance of your space.

Old Style Fibrous Cornice & Moulds

Iconic and timeless, we install and integrate your cornices and fibrous plaster pieces seamlessly into your spaces with precision and professionalism.